Anxiety, My Old Friend…


Time has proven an unworthy healer,
too the tides of the sea with no tide.
The waves still ascending and descending,
A great storm envelopes my mind.

But what am I if not evolving,
And oh, yes. I have learned how to fall!
The great storm has taught me to swim up-stream.
And the ocean is vast when I call.

So I build a castle on the sands of time,
And I breath-in the warm salty air.
A paradise lyes on the beach at last,
And this castle of mine is still there.

Endless supplies for rebuilding,
The sea seems to always provide.
I will build a strong shelter and disappear,
From the tides of the sea with no tide.

Shadows dance across the powdery dunes,
And from a distance I stare out in wonder.
Just as I the first cord of lightning strikes,
The sky starts to crackle with thunder.

“Hello, my old friend!”
I call out from the shore.
“I thought you’d be stronger,
I expected much more!”

“See the walls of my castle crumble and fall.
I do need your rain, it is good after-all!”