The Gamble.

Sometimes in life we are dealt a hand we cannot read.

The cards are of value, but we know not how to make the next move. So we sit anxiously waiting for a miracle.

This is life.

While some are gifted a beautiful opportunity to win the game of life early on. Our shaky hands and our eyes may give us away. Our lack of knowing what to do with what we have right in front of us may make us lose our gift all-together.

The world is not so cut & dry. People struggle everyday to make ends-meet and fall just short. Why? We are all dealt a winning hand, but we do not all know how to play it.

Life is unfair.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking of an instance In your life when you where given a winning hand of cards and played it wrong. Was it in love? Your career? Your health? We have all been there. Time and time again. The regret of these decisions may have made it so that you chose never to gamble again. To play it safe and watch others play from a distance.

That is not living.

Living is losing, over and over again until you get it right.

Living is the deep breaths you take when the undeserving person to your right hits blackjack 3 times in a row and you are barely breaking even.

Living is knowing without a doubt that your time will come, and the game isn’t over until it’s over.

Living is trusting that one day, despite your failures you will be victorious. Because practice makes perfect.

Living is enjoying the moments in between.

Some of us are not given a royal flush on the first round. Some of us are losing and on the verge of throwing in the towel and standing on the sidelines. But when we stand on the sidelines and watch we have no odds of winning. This only means we have chose to play it safe. That we are content with being stagnant for the rest of our lives. That we have given up.

Never give up. For some of us the game gets harder as we go. We may be completely in the hole at some points in our lives. But when you feel like giving up know the dealer always has a fresh hand for you when the game begins again. And the longer you sit at the table, the better your odds are of winning.










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